Wit'n'wisdom - 24 October 2011

ONE of my chronic pain patients asked whether he could go into “palatial care” because he had a friend who told him if you were admitted into this nirvana you could get any script you wanted. 

I pointed out that it was “palliative care” and people were dying to get there – and he wasn’t.

Dr Di Minuskin of Caloundra, Qld, thought she would share with us something that caused a chuckle at the surgery recently. 

She was seeing one of her male patients who has attended the practice for a long time and has a sense of humour. 

She told him she was sending him for a cholesterol check and handed him the printed form. He glanced at the form, chuckled, and said: “Hey, Doc, this makes life easier. They normally have trouble getting blood out of me, but I shouldn’t have any problem with this.” 

Dr Minuskin must have looked confused so he handed the form back to her.