Wit'n'wisdom 25 January 2011

W’N’W legend Dr Sylvia Yu of Bethania, Queensland, has a double banger for us. She saw an 85-year-old man with heart failure on Melbourne Cup Day. He looked tired and depressed, so she tried to cheer him up and asked, “Bill, have you picked your horses yet?”

He replied, “I can’t even pick my nose, let alone pick a horse. Darling, when you get to my age, you just don’t bother.”

Dr Yu looked after a lady from a nursing home with profound dementia who was usually unable to have a conversation. She displayed disinhibited behaviour such as pinching other patients’ food and also touching some of the male patients inappropriately. One night she was caught undressing a male patient with dementia by one of the duty nurses. 

“You can’t do that,” the nurse told her.

“Why not?” the lady patient asked.

The nurse then replied, “He has a wife. He