Wit'n'wisdom 27 September 2011

MY PARTNER is on holidays so I have been picking up the slack. He is a bigger nerd than me, if that is possible. He even composes his letters and, on occasion, his consultation notes using a computerised dictation program. This impresses his tech savvy patients no end – and me as well, it must be said.

However, one patient was not as easily convinced of the virtues of this wondrous technology.

I asked him about his previous consultation. My partner had recorded it thus: “Episode of left-sided immortal pain... It completely resolved and disappeared.” 

When his patient asked why I was reduced to fits of apoplexy, I enquired about his “immortal” pain. Seeing he pointed to his stomach, it wasn’t life protecting at all, merely abdominal. The wonders of technology.  

Dr Anastasia Ruff of Ingleburn, NSW, has a daughter who is in her first year of vet studies and learning about the lymphatic system.