Wit'n'wisdom - 4 April 2011

I HAVE great difficulty telling left from right (or the “other left” as we call it chez Rankin), so the following anecdote took my fancy.

Dr Carolyn Block of Double Bay, NSW, saw a five-year-old boy complaining of a sore ear. When she asked which one was sore, he pointed to his right ear. 

At this point, the boy’s mum asked him whether it was his left or his right ear. He said he didn’t know. 

The mother then asked the doctor if she should be concerned that her son didn’t know his right from his left. 

Dr Block told her they could discuss it after she had checked her son’s ears. 

Of course, the doctor started by looking in the boy’s left ear to see what normal was like. As she started to look, the boy shouted gleefully: “See, Mum, the doctor doesn’t know right from left either.”

W’n’W doyenne Dr Vivienne Tedeschi of Bowraville,