Wit'n'wisdom - 8 November 2011

Still, things are always weirder in the good old US of A. Olivia Fox is a first-year medical student who spent the first few years of her life in America, where her father was doing training in one of the roughest hospitals in town.

There were many eccentric names in her school, such as “ABCD” pronounced “ab-see-dee”. But the best was “Sa-nay”: you had to pronounce the hyphen, making it “sa hyphen nay”. 

Dr Kendra Powell of Gawler, SA, has three funnies for us. The first was a 19-year-old who said to her: “I thought I was getting a urine infection, so I took those urinals.” She had to tell her that wouldn’t help at all and did she mean Urals?

The second was from one of her regular patients who worked as a hospital nurse. She had heard that an Indian transcriber of medical notes had written “flea bite us” instead of &ldquo