Workforce crisis to hit cities: RACGP

College president Dr Liz Marles told the Future of General Practice Conference, held by General Practice Registrars Australia in Canberra yesterday, that although there were more doctors per capita in the cities compared to rural areas, the numbers were still too low.

Dr Marles said specialist numbers continued to grow, while GP numbers had failed to increase at the same rate. 

“There are lots of doctors in the cities but I can tell you they are not GPs. In fact, the number of GPs per [100,000] population in the cities is only 108, which is less than then national average,” Dr Marles said.
“Even more concerning, 41% of them are aged over 55, so even for people in capital cities we are likely to see a big crisis in general practice across the board."

A recent Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report, Medical Workforce 2012, indicated that around a third of Australian medical practitioners were GPs.