Is it ever ethical to use a Nazi medical textbook?

Doctors' Dilemma: The Pernkopf Atlas was first produced in 1937 and credits its detail to the 'supply of bodies' of executed victims of the Third Reich

This week, Australian Doctor launches a new series on the vexed dilemmas that confront doctors in the real world.

Here Professor Max Kamien discusses the rights and wrongs of using the poisoned fruits of unethical medical research. 

For future columns, we would like to invite readers to submit scenarios loosely based on their own experiences so we can then harness the collective wisdom of the medical profession to deal with life's messy realities.

We don't expect to generate consensus on the rights and wrongs of what to do, but to at least generate discussion.

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The dilemma: A surgeon prepares for complicated reconstructive nerve ­surgery by studying the Pernkopf Atlas of Topographical and Applied Human Anatomy.