Why every GP should have this app

It's a great addition to your armamentarium


I’ll be honest, I was really excited about this app. The online version of the eTG was a steady companion as a medical student.

As a GP, these guidelines are still available when I need quick, high-quality and reliable therapeutic guidance.

And now I can do this on my mobile.

The eTG complete mobile app is as streamlined as I would expect from a company that maintains high standards as its core business.

The app was quick and easy to install, required minimal steps to log in, and quickly at my fingertips were pneumonia guidelines, urinary tract infection advice, and breastfeeding drug information.

All trustworthy answers that help me sleep well at night.

The multitude of practical applications for this mobile product is legion.

It can be used for home visits to quickly access the correct next therapeutic step; it