24-hour BP monitor lacks funding

A STUDY showing that a third of patients with resistant hypertension have ‘white coat’ hypertension underscores the need for more widespread ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, experts say.

However, lack of access to a Medicare item number for ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) remains an obstacle.

Spanish researchers looked at ABPM results from a national database of over 8000 patients with resistant hypertension, defined as office blood pressure 140 and/or 90 mmHg or above while being treated with three or more antihypertensives, one a diuretic.

The researchers found that 38% could not be classified as “true” resistant hypertensives, defined as ambulatory 24-hour blood pressure values 130 and/or 80 mmHg or above.

This subgroup was slightly older, more likely to be women, with a shorter duration of hypertension and a better cardiovascular risk profile, and was less likely to have increases in&nbsp