Academic doping in Aust students higher than overseas

Academic doping, especially with prescription amphetamines, is most prevalent in high pressure courses, such as medicine and law.

More than 1700 students from four Australian universities were asked in an online survey about their lifetime use of modafinil, prescription stimulants such as methylphenidate, supplements such as ginkgo biloba, illicit drugs such as speed and cocaine and relaxants such as valium, and caffeine. 

More than one in 10 students reported using prescription amphetamines, and methylphenidate in particular.

Nearly 3% of the participants also reported use of modafinil or racetams.

The main reasons for taking modafinil, racetams, prescription amphetamines or caffeine were to stay awake or concentrate. Modafinil or racetams were also used to improve memory and marks.

Prescription amphetamines were more likely used by students of medicine or law, and were also correlated with relaxant, illicit drug and