ACE inhibitors perform better than ARBs, new study shows

Investigators who set out to study the impact of renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS) inhibitors as a whole were surprised when their stratified analysis showed stark differences between the two different types.

ACE inhibitors were associated with a 10% drop in all-cause mortality, whereas no mortality reduction was shown with ARBs.

The analysis of 20 trials with almost 160,000 patients showed that overall, RAAS inhibitors led to a 5% reduction in all-cause mortality in the four-year follow-up.

But noting that ACE inhibitors and ARBs had different mechanisms, the researchers decided to break down the results further, finding that the overall reduction “was almost completely the result of the beneficial effect of the class of ACE inhibitors… whereas the ARBs showed a neutral treatment effect”.

The authors said the findings should be treated with caution until further research is done.

“At present,