ADHD persists despite treatment

The Johns Hopkins Children’s Center researchers found 89% of 186 children aged 3—5 years who were followed for six years continued to meet ADHD symptom and impairment diagnostic criteria. 

The severity of their symptoms was rated by parents and teachers.

Two-thirds of the children taking ADHD medication had symptoms as severe as those who were medication free.

But Monash Medical Centre psychiatrist Dr George Halasz, a strong advocate of alternative therapy in ADHD treatment, dismissed the study as “totally inadequate ethically” and tainted by research from Professor Joseph Biederman, who was sanctioned by a US hospital over pharmaceutical company conflict of interest.

“GPs should take this study with a pinch of salt,” he said. “Behavioural interventions and parental training are given minimal validity. Our Australian clinical practice points have great reservations about giving medications, or