After fatherhood, wave goodbye to testosterone

FATHERHOOD leads to a drop in testosterone levels, according to a study that shows the more time men spend caring for their child, the greater the decline.

Researchers, who tracked hormone levels in more than 600 young men from the Philippines when single in their early 20s, as new fathers, and later in fatherhood, found levels of testosterone drop sharply when a father brings home a newborn baby.

The study found that single men with high testosterone levels in their 20s were more likely to have fathered a child in a long-term relationship 4.5 years later.

This finding is consistent with the idea that testosterone is associated with traits that help men attract and secure a mate, such as physique and libido.

Once these men had a child, their testosterone levels dropped far more than seen in single men without children, particularly if they cared for their child for more than three hours a day.

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