Antioxidants shown to benefit subfertile men

GIVING subfertile men antioxidant supplements can boost a couple’s chances of having a baby, a Cochrane review has found.

Researchers examined 34 trials involving nearly 3000 couples, finding that antioxidants – such as vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium - increased the rate of live births nearly fivefold.

But the positive finding was based on only 20 live births from 214 couples in three studies, they said.

Looking at pregnancy rates rather than live births, they found there were 96 pregnancies in 15 trials involving 964 couples, with antioxidants conferring a significant advantage compared to placebo.

“The evidence suggests that antioxidant supplementation in subfertile males may improve the outcomes of live birth and pregnancy rate for subfertile couples undergoing ART cycles,” the researchers said.

They added that head-to-head comparisons were necessary to identify the