Aspirin’s anti-cancer effects confirmed

The meta-analyses found aspirin-related reductions in cancer mortality, incidence and metastasis.

“It’s certainly time to add prevention of cancer into the analysis of the balance of risk and benefits of aspirin,” said co-author Oxford University professor Peter Rothwell.

“The cancer benefit is as large, if not larger, than the benefit in terms of preventing heart attacks and strokes [which] does change the equation quite drastically.”

One study involving 77,000 patients found aspirin reduced risk of cancer deaths by 15% overall compared with no use, and 37% for those taking it for five years or more. 

After three years of use, the initial increased risk of major bleeding disappeared.

Another study taking in five large trials found aspirin 75mg daily reduced overall risk of fatal adenocarcinoma by 35% over 6.5 years.

Associate Professor Steven Stacker, from the Peter MacCallum Cancer