Aussies help pioneer non-invasive bladder cancer test

Melbourne-based Sienna Cancer Diagnostics’ lead product is the anti-hTERT SCD-A7 antibody that can be used in diagnostic tests to detect telomerase, an enzyme associated with around 90 % of human cancers.

A US pathology firm will use the SCD-A7 antibody in the world’s first stain test to detect telomerase for bladder cancer.

“Ultimately, this could improve the diagnosis of bladder cancer and leading to better patient outcomes and healthcare cost savings,” Sienna managing director Dr Kerry Hegarty said.

A patient typically is unaware that they have bladder cancer until they present with haematuria and subsequently undergo cystoscopy.

Dr Hegarty says the procedure is invasive and expensive, leading to non-adherence to ongoing surveillance.

In comparison, the stain test is non-invasive, would help improve diagnosis of bladder cancer, eliminates waiting time for testing, and is far less expensive.