Baby deaths still a mystery

STILLBIRTH is a devastating event that affects women and their families globally, sometimes leading to long lasting grief, post-traumatic stress disorder and other complications even years afterwards.

While worldwide about 2.65 million babies are stillborn every year, the vast majority of these (98%) are in middle and lower income countries.

In Australia, there are about 3.8 stillbirths for every thousand live births of babies born after 28 weeks – while the number for Indigenous women is nearly twice that.1

But even though our statistics are comparable to other developed countries, lower than the UK and the US, and not far off the lowest in the world of two stillbirths per 1000 found in Finland and Singapore, Australian researchers and experts agree this is no reason for complacency.

Significantly more research is needed, they say, to further understand the risk factors and causes of stillbirth because about 30% of cases are still