Bariatric surgery patients motivated to adhere to weight loss programs

Researchers analysed attrition rates of a rigorous publicly funded lifestyle and behaviour modification program in Alberta.

Although 1205 patients were treated in the clinic over a six year period, 516 (or nearly 43%) did not complete the follow-up program.

Attrition rates differed markedly, comprising almost 54% of those in the medical clinic, compared with just under 12% in the surgical clinic.

The authors speculated that patients willing to undergo the initial bariatric surgical procedure may be more committed to completing the program, and that the substantial early weight loss associated with surgery may have further boosted their motivation.

Patients who were younger, and those with lower body mass index at the time of admission were also more likely to drop out.

Other predictors of attrition included lack of musculoskeletal disease and bipolar disorder.

Can J Surg