In the battle of the hearty drinks, wine trumps milk

IN WHAT may be a win for wine lovers over teetotallers, research has shown polyphenols don’t benefit the heart if consumed in milk.

While it has been posited that polyphenols in red wine are behind the well-known reduction in cardiovascular disease risk among people who consume moderate amounts of the beverage, clinical study findings have been inconsistent. 

Dutch researchers took 61 people with a mean age of 61 years and borderline high blood pressure and gave them dairy drinks, which contained either a placebo or polyphenols from red wine, daily.

Those who drank the antioxidants consumed the polyphenol equivalent of either two or three glasses of red wine (280 mg or 560 mg polyphenols).

A non-statistically significant reduction was seen in 24-hour BP measurements for those who consumed the largest amount, and no association was found for the lower amount.

“Intake of red wine polyphenols in two different