‘Beat them’: Paediatrician guilty of misconduct after ADHD advice

Dr David Evan Roberts was reported to the Medical Board of Australia after another doctor was anonymously sent a consultation note he gave the boys’ mother in 2010.

The note said: “I recommend to your husband that he beat (physically) each and any of you our [sic] sons who swear and offend his wife (that is mother)… to within an inch of his life.”

The State Administrative Tribunal rejected Dr Roberts’ explanation that the note was “metaphoric or hyperbolic”. 

He said he was merely recommending the father take an active and vigorous role in defending his wife’s honour the next time the boys swore at her in a vulgar fashion.  

It found the note could be understood by the parents as a recommendation to use corporal punishment and said Dr Roberts had intended the note for the boys’ father, whom he knew was suffering from stress or depression. 

The tribunal also