Being overweight or obese now the norm

The average Australian man now weighs 85.9kg – that’s 6.5kg heavier than he was in 1989 – according to a National Heart Foundation analysis on the severity of the nation’s weight problem.

A breakdown of Heart Foundation national health surveys and government data also revealed that the average woman has gained 5.7kg in the past 25 years and now tips the scales at 71.1kg.

The Heart Foundation’s national director of cardiovascular health, Dr Rob Grenfell, said two-thirds of Australians now fall outside the healthy weight range, with nearly half a million people morbidly obese (BMI > 40).

“To return to a healthy weight range, an average man would need to lose 8.9kg and a woman would need to lose 5.7kg,” Dr Grenfell said.

“The combined weight loss required is just short of 120 million kilograms across the nation.”

The analysis highlights that the average BMI for men is up