Bizarre deaths blamed on rise of synthetic drugs

Henry Kwan, 17, jumped from the third-floor balcony of a Killara, NSW, apartment this week, having reportedly taken 25B-NBOMe or 25I-NBOMe, substances legally imported through the internet and known by the street names ‘N-Bomb’ and ‘Smiles’.

The drugs are believed to be behind a number of bizarre and harmful incidents across the country.

Last year, a teenager affected by the substance was hit by a car on the NSW Central Coast after running into its path, while a man died in South Australia after repeatedly running into a tree and power pole.

Although a recent survey found that about 40% of drug users reported using synthetic substances, stimulants such as mephedrone and DMT have been more popular in Australia than hallucinogens in the last two years, according to Dr Lucy Burns, an epidemiologist at the