Bone health linked to depression

DEPRESSION and anxiety have been shown to be associated with low bone mineral density (BMD), according to new research.

Australian and Norwegian researchers found in a cross-sectional and longitudinal community-based study in 9000 Norwegians that BMD in the forearm was lower in people with depression compared to those without (2% lower for men and 1.6% lower for women), after adjusting for age, weight and smoking.

Although BMD was lower in depressed women with higher BMI, the association decreased with decreasing weight, the study authors found.

Anxiety was associated with lower BMD in men but not women, and there was no change in bone loss over four years associated with depression or anxiety.

The authors speculated that SSRIs may explain the findings because they have been associated with lower BMD, increased rates of bone loss and increased risk of hip and other fragility fractures. 

However, in the current study, the