Border patrol on Ebola alert, GPs to be vigilant

The largest EVD outbreak ever recorded has exceeded 1000 cases in the three west African countries of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, with a case fatality rate of more than 60%. 

In a significant development, the World Health Organization this week reported the confirmation of EVD in a passenger who was symptomatic on arrival in Nigeria on 20 July after flying via Toga and Ghana.

In Australia, the Department of Health has ordered all border protection agencies, including customs and biosecurity officers, to look out for the possibility of Ebola when identifying a person landing in Australia who is unwell. 

It says the likelihood is “very low” that a febrile illness in a returned traveller is due to EVD.

“However, GPs should discuss the presentation of febrile illness in a returned traveller from an infected area with an infectious disease physician as soon as possible.”

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