Call for cholesterol screening

In an editorial in the Medical Journal of Australia, they warn the rate of premature coronary heart disease linked to FH will only be addressed with greater detection of at-risk individuals and follow-up of their family members.

Professor Ian Hamilton-Craig, from Griffith University, and Winthrop Professor Gerald Watts, from the University of Western Australia, said the implementation of a model of care developed in 2011 and endorsed by peak medical bodies was being hampered by a failure to find cases.

“To increase case detection, we support recommendations for the establishing of a national, federally funded FH screening program, with universal cholesterol testing of young adults aged 20–25 years,” they wrote.

Screening would feed expansion of genetic testing, allowing interventions such as lipid-lowering therapy “to achieve a normal life expectancy for those with FH”. There was evidence FH brought forward the onset of