Call for routine CV health checks

The landmark Australian Health Survey: Biomedical Results for Chronic Diseases, 2011-12, by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), also found that a further 3.3 million people were at risk of high cholesterol with a level between 5mmol/l and 5.4mmol/l. 

The survey is the first ABS biomedical collection and involved the collection of blood and urine samples from more than 11,000 participants across Australia, which were tested for various chronic disease and nutrient biomarkers.

Furthermore, it found 1.3 million Australian adults have both unmanaged high cholesterol and unmanaged high blood pressure.

The Heart Foundation’s national CEO, Dr Lyn Roberts, said Australia needed more routine vascular health checks to identify people at high risk of heart disease, strokes and chronic disease.

“Disturbingly, only one in 10 of the 5.6