CAM popular therapy for men with cancer

About 400 men who attended a metropolitan Adelaide cancer outpatient service were asked about their use of CAM therapy, and 61.5% said they had done so “at some point”.

This declined to 52.9% for current users, according to the study by psychology PhD student Nadja Klafke from the University of Adelaide.

“Many complementary therapies have the potential to help reduce common side-effects of cancer treatment and disease symptoms,” Ms Klafke said in a statement issued on Tuesday.

“The popularity of CAM use in cancer sufferers presumably reflects the benefits – real or perceived – by those who use them.”

Dietary supplements are the most common natural therapy used by men suffering cancer, with 36.1% reporting use.

Prayer (25.9%) was the second most popular CAM therapy and “herbs and botanicals” were third (21.4%), despite warnings that herbs such as echinacea, St John