Campaign urges men to talk about reproductive health problems

A NEW public health campaign will urge men to ‘talk about their tackle’ with GPs, rather than ignoring reproductive health issues that may flag serious underlying illness.

Andrology Australia is behind the campaign, which director Professor Rob McLachlan said aimed to get men talking more freely with family, friends and their doctor.

“About half of Australian men will experience prostate problems, one in five over age 40 has erectile problems, one in 20 is infertile and one in 200 will suffer from testosterone deficiency,” he said.

Each year 680 men were diagnosed with testicular cancer and the number is rising, he said.“Testicular cancer mainly affects young men so males should check their testes and see their doctor if they find lumps.”

The campaign, to be launched this week, features AFL stars Matthew Richardson and his father Alan, who both played for Richmond Tigers. They will tell men the longer