Cancer fears related to TNF inhibitors allayed

US Medicaid records from 2000 through 2005 were used to identify 7812 children with JIA, along with two comparator groups comprised of 652,234 children with asthma, and 321,821 children with ADHD. 

The incidence rate for probable and highly probable malignancies was 4.4 times higher among all children with JIA compared to those without it. But children with JIA treated with methotrexate without TNF inhibitors also had 3.9 times the risk. 

Following any use of TNF inhibitors, no probable or highly probable malignancies were identified.

In 2009 the FDA ordered ‘black box’ warnings about risk of malignancy on TNF inhibitor labels. 

An editorial accompanying the study contends this may have been premature since children taking TNF inhibitors had been previously compared to the general population rather than children with inflammatory disease. 

Co-author Assistant Professor Kenan Onel said although the