Case of infant breast development linked to lavender

Endocrinologists at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne first came across the child at 14-months, when her parents brought her in with 2.5 cm of bilateral breast tissue but no growth acceleration, acne or pubic hair, vaginal bleeding or any other abnormal developmental milestones.

A number of tests, including LH, FSH and LFTs, came back normal, and no obvious cause was found on USS of pelvis and liver or on cerebral MRI scanning .

In a letter to the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, the doctors describe how, under close monitoring during the following 12 months, her breasts grew another 0.5cm to 3cm.

It was only after the parents watched a documentary discussing the link between lavender oil and breast development that they revealed the extent of their use of lavender-scented products.

“Her daily exposure included lavender wipes (20 wipes/day), lavender shampoo (5ml alternate days), lavender body wash