Caseload midwifery costs less and involves fewer complications

Among nearly 1400 first-time low-risk mothers, those who received caseload midwifery care were more likely to have spontaneous onset of labour and an unassisted vaginal birth. 

Some 58% of women receiving midwifery care had spontaneous onset of labour and an unassisted vaginal birth, compared to 48% of women receiving standard hospital care and 31% of those who had private obstetric care in the public hospital. 

“Caseload midwifery patients were also 10 times less likely to have an elective caesarean than women with private obstetric care,” said lead author Sally Tracy, professor of midwifery research at Sydney University. 

They were also less likely to use analgesia.

Over one financial year, the cost to the public system of providing caseload midwifery care per woman was $3903. This was $1590 less per woman than those receiving standard hospital care, and $1375 less than those receiving private obstetric