Catalyst could lead to 2000 heart attacks: Heart Foundation

The report, The impact of ‘ABC Catalyst’ on lipid modifying medication use, released today surveyed 1000 Australians who are taking lipid-modifying medication and showed that 22% had changed their medication adherence, either by stopping, or stopping and restarting, or reducing medication.

This equates to 130,000 people, based on the 2011/12 National Health Biomedical Survey showing 2.1 million Australians are taking lipid-modifying medication.

More worryingly, one in four of these respondents had previously had a heart event.

A quarter of respondents, an estimated 150,000 Australians, had visited their GP to discuss their medication since either hearing about or watching the Heart of the Matter program.

Dr Robert Grenfell, National Director of Cardiovascular Health with the National Heart Foundation, said the number of high risk patients who had stopped their medication was deeply concerning.

The survey