Cattle class flying doesn’t mean more DVT

But the American College of Chest Physicians has reviewed the evidence for a new guideline on clot prevention, concluding that being confined to ‘cattle class’ per se does not raise risk.

And neither does becoming dehydrated or consuming large amounts of alcohol, the college said.

Sitting in a window seat in economy class, however, may increase risk, the experts warned.

Other factors linked to increased risk of DVT include having a known thrombophilic disorder or previous DVT or pulmonary embolism, having cancer, having had recent surgery and being of advanced age.

Obesity increases risk and so does being pregnant or taking oestrogen, such as in combined oral contraceptives, studies show.

“Conversely, the guidelines suggest there is no definitive evidence to support that… sitting in economy class (compared with sitting in business class) increases your risk for developing a DVT/PE resulting from long