Chondral knee grafting

Articular cartilage injuries in the knee are common and are usually caused by twisting injuries during sport or work. 

This causes a shearing or impact injury to the knee. Patients complain of swelling, pain or locking in the knee which is worse with activity and does not respond to the usual treatments such as NSAIDs or physiotherapy. 

Unfortunately, the cartilage does not heal or regenerate, and these injuries tend to progress and result in degenerative arthritis of the knee. 

Articular cartilage injury is a common finding at arthroscopy, but only about 5% of patients are suitable for some form of chondral grafting.

Injuries that are appropriate for treatment are full-thickness lesions more than 2 cm in size, in a patient under 40 years of age. 

Some patients who have isolated chondral lesions (and radiographic arthritis) are still able to live their lives with very few symptoms and some