Circumcision may lower prostate cancer risk

The US study involved 1700 men diagnosed with the cancer and a matched number of healthy controls, with a higher rate of circumcision in the control group (71.5%) compared to cases (68.8%).

Pro-circumcision campaigner Professor Brian Morris said it was the largest cohort study to show reduced prostate cancer risk associated with circumcision, adding to evidence the procedure reduced STIs, HIV and early childhood UTI.

“Half of boys will suffer a medical condition requiring treatment over their lifetime if they are not circumcised and many will die, which is shocking,” said Professor Morris, who is professor of molecular and medical science at the University of Sydney.

He said the policy of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP), which states the level of protection did not warrant routine infant circumcision, “should be torn up”. The RACP declined to comment.

Sexual health physician Professor Adrian