Cleaning linked to asthma

UK researchers analysed the occupational histories, allergen sensitivity and lung function of 7400 people born in 1958 who had developed symptoms of asthma after they turned 16. 

The study found that 9% of the cohort developed adult onset asthma.

The disease was linked to 18 different occupations among these individuals, leading researchers to estimate that about 16% of adult onset asthma was associated with occupational exposure.

The study strengthened growing evidence linking cleaning to asthma, with four of the occupations within the cleaning profession and a further three involving exposure to cleaning agents, the researchers said.

They said the study identified new occupations with a higher than average risk, including protective services and aircraft mechanics.

Other, previously established professions linked to adult-onset asthma included farmers, who had four times the general population risk, and hairdressers, who