Coeliac disease increases risk of developing IHD

RISK factors for ischaemic heart disease (IHD) need to be rigorously managed in patients with coeliac disease, and particularly in those with small-intestinal inflammation but no villous atrophy, researchers say.

A Swedish study is the first to analyse the risk of developing IHD in coeliac patients, taking small-intestinal pathology into account.

The study included 28,190 patients with villous atrophy (coeliac disease), compared with 12,598 patients with intestinal inflammation without villous atrophy and 3,658 with latent coeliac disease (normal mucosa with positive serology). Results showed patients with coeliac disease had a 19% increased risk of incident IHD. This compared to a 28% increased risk in IHD for the group with small-intestinal inflammation only and 14% increased risk for those with latent coeliac disease. 

Coeliac disease and intestinal inflammation without villous atrophy were both associated with an increased risk of death from