Depression linked to increased risk of future stroke: study

A META-ANALYSIS provides strong evidence that depression is associated with an increased risk of future stroke, although it likely accounts for fewer than 5% of events.

Data from 28 prospective studies involving more than 317,000 people shows a positive association between depression and stroke, including ischaemic stroke, researchers from Harvard University said. Among eight studies reporting on fatalities, they found depression was associated with a 55% increased risk of death from stroke.

While depression has been associated with a significantly increased risk of developing diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease, a relationship with stroke had until now not been clear, the researchers said.

The meta-analysis accorded with a large case-control study across 22 countries, the INTERSTROKE study, which found a 35% increased risk.

Applying their findings to the most recent statistics on stroke and depression in the US, they