Diet drink link to central obesity

According to US researchers, adults over the age of 65 who consume diet soft drinks daily gain four times the amount of abdominal fat of non-users.

Even consuming diet beverages occasionally results in three times the abdominal weight gain as non-consumers.

Dietary counselling for older individuals should ideally include the promotion of unsweetened coffee and tea, mineral water — unsweetened or lightly sweetened with 100% fruit juice — or simply water as alternatives to highly sweetened beverages, the authors said.

The study analysed the effects of “diet soda” consumption on 749 subjects over a period of 9.4 years.

Participants were followed up at four intervals during that time and researchers took fasting plasma glucose, height, weight, waist circumference measurements, and also noted physical activity and intake of beverages, including soft drinks.

After adjusting for these factors, and others