Disordered sleep rates high among Canadians

FORTY per cent of Canadians suffer from regular disordered sleeping, such as taking more than 30 minutes to doze off.

Twenty per cent report being unsatisfied with their sleep quality while 13.4% could support an insomnia diagnosis, according to a study presented at the World Congress on Sleep Medicine in Quebec City.

Prescription medicine (10%), natural products (9%), over-the-counter drugs (7%) and alcohol (5%) were commonly used by patients to tackle sleep problems.

“Many people who suffer from insomnia try to treat the problems themselves rather than consulting a healthcare professional,” said Dr Charles Morin, from Laval University.

The researchers also found a difference in insomnia rates between French and English speaking citizens (9.5% versus 14.3%).

French speakers were more likely to take prescribed sedatives (13% versus 9%) and natural products (16% versus 7%), they found.