Doctors' belief in efficacy motivates flu jab uptake

The study, which focused on vaccination of hospital staff, offered some pointers to how future campaigns should be shaped, as a belief in efficacy of the vaccine was a key predictor of immunisation, the authors said.

Data from 13 studies involving nearly 85,000 HCW showed that knowledge that the vaccine was effective roughly doubled the likelihood a staffer would be vaccinated, the meta-analysis showed.

Other strong predictors included convenient access to vaccination, being willing to prevent influenza transmission, believing influenza was highly contagious and believing that preventing influenza was important.

The review authors, from The Netherlands, found the demographic predictors of vaccination were male gender, being aged 40 years and older and being a physician.

Being a nurse was negatively associated with vaccine uptake, they found.

Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2012; online 7 March