Dose concerns prompt typhoid vaccine recall

The TGA has advised health professionals and consumers that some batches of the typhoid fever vaccine may have lower-than-expected antigen content.

The recall is precautionary and there are no safety concerns for individuals who have received a dose from an affected batch, although some may have received less than the intended amount of antigen.

While Sanofi Pasteur does not have clinical trial data on the immunogenicity and efficacy of the vaccine with below-specification antigen content, the company does not recommend revaccination earlier than otherwise indicated for individuals who have received an affected dose.

Health professionals have been advised to review the batch numbers of all Typhim Vi vaccine in stock and return the following affected batches: E1246-3, G0461-2, H0078-3, H0078-4,
H0101-1, H0198-5 and H0507-1.