Dramatic decline in genital warts from HPV vax

Professor Basil Donovan, program head at the Kirby Institute, said data comparing the pre-HPV vaccination years of 2004 to mid-2007 to vaccination from mid-2007 to 2012 showed that the number of men diagnosed with genital warts declined by 88% in heterosexual men aged under 21.

The data from eight sexual health clinics, presented at the Australasian Sexual Health Conference in Darwin, showed that genital wart infections declined by 90% in women over the same period, and by 58% in men aged 21–30.

Associate Professor David Wilson, head of the Surveillance and Evaluation Program at the Kirby Institute, said the results spoke to the resounding success of the HPV vaccination program in Australia.

“Heterosexual men seem to be benefiting from the vaccine through a phenomenon known as herd immunity, resulting from high coverage in the young women who are their sexual partners, and we can expect even better results since the vaccination program