Early pre-eclampsia ups CVD risk

The findings have prompted experts to advise GPs to ask women about the severity and gestational age of onset of their pre-eclampsia or pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH) to stratify CVD risk.

Professor Shaun Brennecke, director of the Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne, department of perinatal medicine and head of its Pregnancy Research Centre, said the study adds weight to the argument that women who have had pre-eclampsia should have a regular CVD screen as part of their annual GP check-up.

“If a woman has history of pre-eclampsia, particularly early onset which seems to be the most severe type, it would be very wise for the GP and the patient to consider CVD risk factors as part of an annual check-up — in addition to a breast screen, a Pap smear and a glucose tolerance test if they have had GDM — to take preventive or therapeutic action as required,” he told MO.

Professor of General Practice and Director of the