Early results show probiotic pessary effective for recurrent UTIs

TREATMENT of urinary tract infection (UTI) may rely less on antibiotics in the future, with a promising pilot study showing a probiotic pessary can prevent episodes in susceptible women.

The double-blind, placebo-controlled trial involved 100 premenopausal women who had a history of recurrent UTI and who recently received conventional antibiotic treatment for a new case.

They were randomly assigned to use an intravaginal pessary of Lactobacillus crispatus (Lactin-V, Osel) once a day for five days followed by once a week for 10 weeks, or placebo. 

Lack of L. crispatus in the genitourinary tract is associated with UTI, the authors said.Seven of the treated women experienced at least one UTI during the study, whereas there were 13 recurrent UTI (rUTI) cases among the women using placebo.

“Lactin-V treatment in women with rUTI resulted in robust and prolonged colonisation with L. crispatus, with a trend of reducing the incidence of