Egg-cultured vaccines safe for most children with egg allergy

WITH a rising incidence of paediatric food allergy, immunisation providers should be mindful the evidence supports vaccination for most children with egg allergy, a specialist says.

Raymond Mullins, adjunct professor of immunology and allergy at the University of Canberra, said in particular the egg-cultured trivalent seasonal influenza vaccines were well tolerated even in cases of prior egg-induced anaphylaxis.

“There are now published trials of over 4000 people [with egg allergy] vaccinated with the flu vaccine, and more than 98% of them can tolerate it without a problem,” he said. “As long as there is less than 1 mcg of egg protein in the vaccine, it should be safe, and we’ve just checked the levels of the current [influenza] vaccines available and they are all less than 1 mcg.”

Professor Mullins and paediatric allergist Dr Michael Gold recently listed in a rapid online publication in the Medical Journal of Australia