Eye-opener for dementia patients

In a study conducted at Tenon Hospital in France, neuropsychological assessments were conducted on 38 patients (with an average age of 85 years) with mild Alzheimer’s disease one month prior to cataract surgery, and three months afterwards. 

Patients were assessed for mood and depression, behaviour, ability to function independently, and cognitive abilities. 

Thirty-seven out of the 38 patients had significant improvements in vision. Additional benefits included improved sleep patterns, and a reduction in night-time behavioural problems in most patients. Cognitive status also improved in a quarter of the patients, and depression improved for many. 

According to lead researcher Dr Brigitte Girard, previous studies had shown that removing cataracts might allow levels of melatonin to normalise – and this might be a key factor in the sleep improvements documented in this study.

The findings were reported at the 115th