Facelift raises self-esteem and life satisfaction despite downtime

PATIENTS who have had a facelift think they look about 12 years younger afterwards, but say recovery takes weeks.

The first prospective study of patient satisfaction after deep-plane facelift, in which 93 consecutive patients of a US plastic surgeon were surveyed, found 82% reported an improvement in self-esteem, and 69% reported an improved quality of life.

More than one-third of patients, whose average age was 57 years, reported some type of complication, such as dry eyes, while 2% expressed dissatisfaction with their scars.

The patients, who included 11 men, reported suffering moderate pain that lasted an average of 10 days.The study provides new data on the expected recovery time after surgery, with an average of 24 days off work reported, the author said. 

The patients estimated it took about 10 weeks before they were “back to normal” after their surgery.

Plast Reconstr Surg 2011; 127:823