Fake tan may help reduce cancer risk

A US study involving 415 women older than 18 found public health messages on skin cancer risk were yet to dent the fashionable appeal of tanned skin.

Most (92.7%) of the women believed a tan was either sometimes or always “more attractive” than untanned skin, while 79.2% felt sometimes or always “better about themselves” when they had a tan.

A majority (70.6%) reported tanning in the sun, while 26% said they had used a tanning bed at least once in the past year.

Almost half (48.4%) said they had used a “sunless tanning product” (STP) to achieve a professionally or self-applied spray-on tan.

Among those women who used an STP and who tanned in the sun, 36.8% said it had allowed them to reduce their intentional sun exposure.

Among those who used an STP as well as tanning beds, 38% reported a reduction in their tanning bed use.

“The desire for tanned skin remains