Family history of ACL tears predicts graft rupture in teens

Having two or more relatives with tears does not bode well

Adolescents may be more likely to suffer surgical complications and re-tears of their primary anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction if two or more immediate family members also underwent ACL surgery, new research suggests.

"Given the higher observed rate of graft ruptures and other complications requiring additional surgery, we recommend that physicians consider more measured approaches to rehabilitation and return to sports," Dr Theodore Ganley of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia said by email.

Dr Ganley and colleagues presented the research November 3 at the American Academy of Pediatrics’ National Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, Florida.

A measured return may include a transition into sports that are easier on the knee, such as biking, rowing and swimming, Dr Ganley said.

"We advise patients to avoid returning to sports prior to all return of motion, strength and balance training. We also advise